The Picnic Approach

The Picnic Labs approach is to ensure each Mutual, Member and Community has a trusted, viable insurance alternative.

See how the Picnic approach works.
BYO Customer Mutuals are started by Foundation Members and Picnic designs, operates and grows the membership.

For a defined market

The BYOCustomer model enables a Sponsoring Organisation or association to define the customers and lead the growth of the Mutual.

Sponsoring Organisation

The sponsoring organisation may itself, not be a member of the Mutual. Picnic Labs delivers designs and operates the Mutual.

Available to Defined Customers

The Members join the Mutual through a relationship, agreement or transaction with the Sponsoring Organisation.

The Sponsoring Organisation may be a commercial entity, association or industry body.

Branding Alignment

BYOCustomer Mutuals may be branded to reflect the sponsoring organisation, or have a standalone brand.

Picnic Provisions

Picnic Labs designs and operates the Mutual.

The Sponsoring Organisation leads the growth.

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BYO Customer+ Mutuals enables a Sponsoring Organisation to provide a Mutual as an alternative to insurance to its members or customer base. 

Picnic designs & operates the Mutual. The grow is lead by the sponsoring organisation.

For an open market

The BYOCustomer+ model applies when a few organisations seek to launch an alternative insurance solution.

Foundation Members

Those organisations become Foundation Members of the Mutual by purchasing the products to protect themselves.

Available to a Wider Community

The Foundation Members want to make the Mutual available to a wider community of like-minded organisations.

For example, other organisations within the same industry, or geographic location.

Branding Alignment

BYOCustomer+ Mutuals usually have a new, stand alone brand that reflects the purpose and target market.

Picnic Provisions

Picnic Labs designs, operates and grows the Mutual.

The Foundation Members may facilitate growth.

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How we work

The Picnic Process

Picnic works with a Sponsoring Organisation or Foundation Member to determine the appropriate path based on the situation, available data and market conditions.

Build vs Join?

In some instances when validating the situation, it may be that an existing Mutual or other risk transfer solution suitable for a specific organisation exists.

If the suitable solution is a part of the Picnic ecosystem, a quote can be provided. If it is a not part of the Picnic ecosystem, an introduction can be made to the identified solution provider.  

The Build Process

New solutions follow a structured process to determine the viability of an alternative risk transfer solution as an alternative to insurance.

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The Picnic Process to identifies the right Mutual and insurance alternative solution.
Picnic acknowledges the Traditional Custodians of the land on which we work, live, and gather as employees, and recognise their continuing connection to land, water and community. We pay respect to Elders past and present.
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