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Self-Insurance Pools

Picnic's Platform-as-a-Service, enables the creation & support of digital self-insurance pools. Customers (as Members) own the Pool & all profits are reinvested back in the Pool to build strength & reduce future premiums.

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Insurance with heart

We’re returning the right business model to insurance and risk protection – one where members are always at the heart. A Picnic Self-Insurance Pool allows Members to benefit from keeping all the profit from self-insuring & the power of reinsurance group buying combined with aggregated risk diversification. The pool pays for smaller losses and reinsurance is in place to cover large losses.

People you trust

We enable customers to come together in a Pool with other similar organisations to 'self-insure' together. Your risk is diversified in the pool & you benefit from group buying power for reinsurance to protect the Pool.

Fairer cover, lower price

We tailor cover specifically for your community. The Picnic philosophy is simple, broad cover with very few exclusions. The simplicity of cover combined with underlying technology and business efficiencies enable lower up-front prices.

Backed by Lloyd's

We put in place backup protection for each Pool. This Pool protection can be called reinsurance. It means the Pool has it's own insurance to cover for larger losses if they occur. This can be provided by the Picnic Lloyd's Syndicate or other Global Reinsurers.

You keep all the profit

Profit occurs when claims and costs are less than the pooled contributions. 100% of the profit in a self-insurance pool is retained in the pool for its members. It can be used to enhance product benefits and reduce future contributions.

What others are saying

"We've had very few claims over the past 10 years & we were still presented with a premium increase of more than 500%. We thought about self-insuring, but the risk was too high. Picnic came along at just the right time to design, launch, and run Our Ark Mutual & they haven't put a foot wrong!"
Chris Wright

The Venerable
Christopher Wright OAM

Archdeacon of the Anglican Diocese of North Queensland
“Working with Picnic, we have identified innovative, effective self-insurance solutions that provide long-term benefits to a variety of our clients. The team at Picnic are thoughtful experts who have collaborated with us to understand the challenges facing our clients and define real solutions for them, ones that were beyond the capacity of individual clients to implement.”

Michael Hanrahan

Founder Hanrahans Accounting Services

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