Our mission is to empower organisations to protect themselves from sudden financial peril in a community they trust

Picnic's Platform-as-a-Service, enables the creation & support of digital self-insurance pools. Customers (as Members) own the Pool & all profits are reinvested back in the Pool to build strength & reduce future premiums.

Why we do what we do

The Challenge

Insurance is becoming increasingly conflicted, unaffordable & unavailable. Characterised by increasing premiums, small print exclusions, worsening claims experiences & a continual focus on maximising shareholder returns at the expense of customers.

The Opportunity

$39 billion paid to insurance company shareholders in the past 10 years in Australia. Redistribute this value through a model that shares all insurance profit with customers.

The Solution

Picnic's Platform-as-a-Service, enables the creation, support & operation of digital self-insurance pools. Customers (as Members) own the Pool & all profits are reinvested back in the Pool to build strength & reduce future premiums.

Insurance with Heart

We’re returning the right business model to insurance and risk protection – one where members are always at the heart. A Picnic Self-Insurance Pool allows Members to benefit from keeping all the profit from self-insuring & the power of reinsurance group buying combined with aggregated risk diversification. The pool pays for smaller losses and reinsurance is in place to cover large losses.

How self-insurance pools work

Layers of Protection

Reinsurance layer: Excess of Loss cover (per claim & per event), Pro-rata cover & Stop Loss cover.
Global, highly rated reinsurers.

Mutual retained layer: Claims cost to reinsurance cover point. Surplus funds retained for the benefit of members.

Member retained layer: Customised for each member.

Learn how Self-Insurance pools can be created for your community.

Pool Creation

Passionate Leaders

Meet the team behind Picnic Labs.

Mark Arnold

An entrepreneur with a successful exit, technology leader & NFP Director.


Founder & Director

Charles Pollack

Deep actuarial, pricing & operations experience. Most recently Youi Chief Actuary & ExCo.


CEO & Director

Jen Storey

Digital marketing, customer acquisition, digital innovation in insurance.


Chief Marketing Officer

John Connor

Extensive actuarial, pricing, risk & regulatory experience across finance & insurance.


Chief Actuary

Reece Frazier

Human centred customer experience, technology, business design, & transformation.

Grad Cert Business Admin, Dip Project Mgmt

Chief Experience Officer

Chris Overs

Responsible Manager, and Risk and compliance specialist with more than 25 years in insurance

BCom, FGIA,FCIA, GDACG, Dip Fin Serv

Chief Risk & Compliance Officer

Simone Collins

Extensive actuarial, pricing, reinsurance, reserving, capital management, product development, regulatory experience across finance & insurance.


Senior Actuary

Chris Stallard

Specialist in financial lines product design, brokerage, underwriting, claims & reinsurance.

ANZIIF (Snr Assoc), CIP

Head of Financial Lines

Rhys Phelps

Extensive technical expertise, solution architect, technical BA, developer and operations support.

BBus (Comp, ICT)

Technical Specialist